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NOVEMBER 10, 2012

Every year on Nov. 10, people of Indonesia celebrate National Heroes Day. November 10, 1945 is the day where Battle of Surabaya appeared  in which pro-independence Indonesian soldiers and militia fought against British and Dutch troops as part of the Indonesian National Revolution. Do you still remember who our national heroes are? May be you have forgotten about them. Each day has its own hero, and everyone perhaps is a hero in his or her own way. I suggest you to choose your own hero since everyone has his/ her hero(s).Being a hero is not always to fight again enemies, a hero is just an ordinary people who can make mistake and he is not perfect human being. However, a hero is someone who has a great motivation to develop himself, others, and his country and gives the light in dark.

I can say that my mom is my hero since she takes care of me and loves me. Another hero i can tell you is a teacher. Teachers educate many people to get better education and life. One of Indonesian national hero is K.H Dewantara. He was a great educator and a pioneer in the field of education in Indonesia. He founded a school named Taman Siswa (Scholars's Garden).Could you imagine if we do not have a change to study or get education? What will happen to Indonesia without educated people?  so chaotic, I think. 

Here, i will focus on my hero, my teacher.Teachers become a great part of my life since I can write, read, count, draw, sing, dance, and many more is because of them. Thank you my teachers, I want to be a hero like you, being a mathematics teacher.

Love your heroes and respect them, :-), what you are now is because of your teachers. 

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