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Web-Based Lesson : Wrapping A Box Gift

Web-based Lesson Plan

Date: 26/12/2012

Wahid Yunianto
College student of Mathematics Ecucation Master Program, Sriwijaya University

Class/Level: Elementary students Grade 5

Topic: Geometry 3D shapes

Objectives (Learning Goals): 
  1. Find things which have the same shape with a rectangular polyhedron 
  2. Draw a net / nets of rectangular polyhedron (prism) 
  3. Find the surface area of rectangular prism 
  4. Students will see that the Internet is user-friendly in the process 
Web Sites used

Name of Web site: Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co., American Stores Company

Rationale for selecting this site: It is an interactive Web site where students can learn about three-dimensional shapes, calculate surface area and volume, and discover some of the mathematical properties of shapes. 

Other materials:
Variety of Boxes, paper, wrapping paper gift, rulers, scissors, cutters, and pencils.

Teacher Preparation:
Bookmark sites. Put addresses on the board as well. Optional- create worksheets to use while on -line and change scenario cards.
Steps for learners:

Description of pre-computer/classroom activities (preparation):
  1. Review through class discussion the 3D shapes (polyhedrons)around us how they look like. Discuss where those shapes are found and used. 
  2. Go around the class and find 3D shapes you can find. 
  3. Students list the same 3D shapes they find at home 
  4. Use all the material, let them experience in wrapping a box gift and find the surface area of polyhedrons by using this activity. 
  5. Go on-line to Interactives Geometry 3D shapes to practice. 

Description of computer/online activities:
  1. See the tutorial here
  2. At Interactives Geometry 3D shapes, students explore how to find a net of a rectangular polyhedron or other polyhedrons. 
  3. At Interactives Geometry 3D shapes, students find the surface area, by filling the net with the area of each blanks and adds up those areas . 
  4. At Interactives Geometry 3D shapes, students try other prisms and find their surface area. 

Description of follow up activities:
Take home: 
  1. Students use activity of wrapping a box gift to make a connection to wrapping a tube. 
  2. Students are challenged to find surface area of a tube or cylinder. 
  3. Students are challenged to use the surface area of other cylinders.

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